About Vine & Roses

I seem to have been surrounded by flowers all my life from earliest years in my parents' garden and happiest hours learning gardening skills with my Grandfather in his greenhouses, who taught me how to take cuttings and the art of propagation and how to graft roses. 

There it was! The love of roses which has never left me. I can still remember the perfume of the first gold rose my parents planted, 'Sam Mc Greedy', although they weren't too pleased when I cut them all and sold them in bunches at the garden gate. Not a flower left in the garden!

My Father called it entrepreneurial skill! So I was destined for a life in Floristry!

After training and then qualifing at Holland Park, London I worked with different businesses opening branches for larger florists before working on my own.

We opened Vine and Roses in 1990, introducing fabulous varieties not seen in Cumbria to our lovely customers and everyone was happy. Stock came in from Covent garden and Cornwall supplied violets, snowdrops and primroses with tulips, daffs and narcissi from Norfolk. Later Holland arrived with lorries full!

Markets change over time and now we are enjoying a real come back for the love for our English garden grown flowers and have some wonderful growers up and down the country all growing the flowers you want! 

Our style is natural and entwined with garden flowers, mixed foliages and herbs, and the requirements of our customers, who are always looking for something different. Fashions are changing again and things are always exciting, but one thing that remains constant is my love and passion for great flowers.

Jane, V&R.